Global Connections II

February 1998

Australia, Victoria & New South Wales

Global Connections II was held Down Under in 1998 in two areas of Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The initial host was the Geelong Grammar School, founded in 1855 with 14 boys. Now, with a co-educational boarding and day enrollment of 1550 students and four campuses it is one of the largest independent school in the world. The second host was the Sydney Church of England Coeducational Grammar School, known nationally and internationally as SCECGS/Redlands, an equally progressive school which is widely regarded for its range of courses and programs including a tertiary college of physical education. Both Heads of School had participated in Global Connection I and prepared agendas to broaden the knowledge and horizons of the 61 participants from 12 countries.

Whereas GC I had focused on transformation in secondary education in the new South Africa, the themes of GC II addressed the following issues:

  • Uses and Abuses of Information Technologies and Global Communication
  • Community Service and Values Education
  • Experiential Education
  • Roles and Relations of Advantaged and Less-Advantaged Schools Nationally, Regionally and Internationally

Considerable time was also given to discussing the roles of national schools which evidenced global interests and the development of an international school within a historical and cultural context not always receptive to such a concept. Questions of aboriginal, tribal, and minority interests were widely discussed and visits were made to schools in Melbourne and Sydney which reflected both the impact of immigration and the continuing concern over First Peoples integration and education in the public sector.

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