Global Connections III

February 1999

Crowthorne, United Kingdom

Global Connections III Leadership Training and Team Building, which was eminently appropriate for the host school, Wellington College, one of England’s recognized leaders in this area. Some 49 persons from 13 countries were challenged during the course of four days by Wilderness Expertise, an in-house organization specializing in the development of various learning initiatives which illustrate the need for cogitative and collaborative efforts on the parts of individuals as well as small and large groups to demonstrate both the teamwork and leadership needed to achieve known and unknown objectives.

Visits to two eminent British public schools, Eton and St. Edward’s, reminded participants of the historical longevity of the English boarding school. However, at the latter, a most contemporary commentary by the Head of School served notice that vision and the courage to implement it were, sadly, commodities in short supply in current school leadership.

Leadership was not wanting, however, in learning about the contributions being made by a number of schools in critical areas of the world: Fultz College/Albania in technology and business training and rehabilitation of refugees; International College/Lebanon’s survival from civil war to revival of domestic and international academic standards of excellence; American Farm School/Greece significant outreach nationally and regionally in agricultural training and management; and Falcon College/Zimbabwe, the training of indigenous populations in the value and preservation of the environment.

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