Welcome to Global Connections

  Tuesday, August 21, 2018    |     Posted in Global Connections

Posted by Malcolm McKenzie, Head of School, Keystone Academy, Japan

Welcome to Global Connections, a remarkable organization that has existed since 1996.  This is our statement of purpose:  Global Connections encourages school leaders worldwide to develop global consciousness within their school communities.  Member schools will cooperate actively with each other to promote global engagement and impact.

Global Connections is a loose consortium of very diverse schools from around the world.  Our annual big event is an informal and transformative week-long seminar, hosted by a member school.  Recent seminars have been in India, Spain, and Oman.  Heads and school leaders from around 400 schools have attended seminars during the past 20 years.

In addition to our annual meetings, we encourage exchanges and collaborations of all kinds, both at the teacher and at the student level. That is why we encourage members to cooperate actively with each other to promote global engagement and impact.

A distinctive feature of Global Connections is its lack of administrative bureaucracy.  We do not have formal membership, and there are no paid subscriptions.  We are a group of passionate educators who share a vision that is uplifting and convivial, and which leads us to try to improve our communities through schooling, in a generous and wide-ranging manner.

We hope that something of this spirit is communicated here. We invite you to connect and share globally, through this website.

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